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Popcorn debuts a Zoom meets Snapchat to make work chats pop.


Popcorn is a bite-size video messaging app designed to empower you to communicate and express yourself more efficiently at work.

Founded in the heart of the pandemic by Justin Spraggins, Ben Hochberg, and a decentralized team.

Popcorn has raised capital from top-tier investors including General Catalyst and Dream Machine.

What are the usecases?

› Share pops anywhere 🔗: Record a pop and drop the URL link in an email, text, LinkedIn, Slack message, or project ticket.
› Chat in app 💬: Stay in touch with your contacts in Popcorn DMs, standups, and group chats.
› Popcorn Stories 📢: Share small wins and status updates with your contacts or channel.

So what's next?

"We’re working on AR features that give users the option to record messages from virtual offices adorned with customized decorations and memorabilia." - Justin Spraggins (CEO & Co-Founder)


Founded by Justin Spraggins and Ben Hochberg who have built a number of top chat apps in the consumer space.

(Unmute, Looksee, Beep, Wink)

Popcorn Video

View the Popcorn promo video 0:21 on YouTube.

Popcorn Gifs

Icon and full logo versions.


Multiple different styles and layouts.

App Screenshots

iPhone, iPad, Mac, web, and Slack screenshots


Flat and full color versions available.

Stories Post

Different taglines for a Stories post available in press kit.

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